The Sea Road designates the maritime route historically linking Sweden, Scotland and Ireland, the home countries of this brand new six-piece line-up comprising singer/guitarist Kris Drever (Lau), accordionist Alan Kelly (Eddi Reader), guitarist Ian Carr (Kate Rusby), banjoist Éamonn Coyne (Salsa Celtica), flautist/singer Steph Geremia (Alan Kelly Gang) and bassist Staffan Lindors (Sofia Karlsson). These six critically acclaimed traditional / folk musicians are each known for their distinctive character, innovative approach and striking mSea Road Mapusicality. Having frequently crossed paths in other projects, they now pool their formidable talents and diverse repertoires for this mouth-watering ensemble show.

These six musicians offer up a perfect musical tonic to one another. Alan Kelly’s flair for composition, intertwined with Ian Carr’s inventive arrangements and Kris Drever’s avant-garde approach are complimented by Eamonn Coyne & Steph Geremia’s lilting, bouncy Roscommon and Sligo styles. Steph Geremia’s soaring and heartfelt vocals also mesh seamlessly with Kris Drever’s iconic and stirring voice. Staffan Lindfors’s swinging bass style and melodic tone completes this project.


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